Nursery - Infant to Toddler

Our infant center, Bambini Montessori, is open to infants and toddlers from the ages of 1 month to 2 ½ years of age. In our nursery, we have a low teacher to student ratio, giving your infants the most personal, nurturing time with teachers.

Visit the Bambini Montessori website or call (916) 434-3700 to learn more.


Our preschool program offers math, writing, reading, science and other subjects for children of mixed ages between 2 ½ and 5 years of age. Our nurturing and educational preschool classes let your children explore and develop further skills.

The years leading up to kindergarten are very important for children’s growth. The Sterling Montessori preschool program provides children with an outstanding foundation for their future lives.

We also welcome children who are not able to enter kindergarten due to their age. With the montessori concept, your child would not be required to enter a transitional kindergarten as they will be introduced to the actual kindergarten classes at Sterling Montessori.


We welcome all children who have passed the preschool level. Children 5 years of age are accepted into our kindergarten program.

The kindergarten program at Sterling Montessori is the final year of the three year cycle. Our kindergarten program gives children an excellent opportunity to be help and mentor younger children, allowing the kindergarten students to strengthen leadership skills. As they share the work they have mastered, they reinforce what they know and strengthen their social confidence.

Although Sterling Montessori students have already been exposed to advanced education at an early age, the kindergarten students are introduced to a higher level of math, reading, science, geography, practical life and more based on their individual ability.

Kindergarten Class Schedule

September - June

AM Class — 8:00am - 12:00pm
PM Class – 1:00pm - 5:00pm
If needed, extended care is available from 7:00am - 8:00am
8:00 AM - 12:00 AM OR 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Full day schedules for the full package are available.

Transitional Kindergarten

Our Transitional Kindergarten is quite unique because it is design for children who are young and are at an advance stage in their learning, but not able to enter the Regular Kindergarten at an elementary school. Based on the child's level, the child may be working on mathematics, fractions, advance writing and reading. They will be introduced to the same subjects but at a higher level than the regular Kindergarten class which will make the children ready for the 1st Grade in any school.

Grade School

For students in grade school, Sterling Montessori offers before and after school tutoring and assistance with their homework. Along with tutoring, we provide transportation for your child to and from school; ensuring convenience for parents.


Sterling Montessori offers gymnastics classes your children will love. Your child will love exploring the gymnastics obstacles with their friends in our safe and playful environment. Offering gymnastics promotes a healthy and active lifestyle for your child, which they will take into their later years.


Contact Us to learn more about the programs at Sterling Montessori in Lincoln, CA.

Extra Activities


The Dance Gallery, logo

Dance Gallery 2

Our dance class is hosted by a performing arts dance school; Dance Gallery 2. The program introduce different array of Ballet, Tap, Jazz Fusion and Hip Hop Dance Classes. The program includes a lifetime of memories, healthy mind and body practices, leadership skills, a feeling of pride and self- confidence and most importantly the sense of unity in family and community. All this, while at the same time progressing and learning the art of dance. It’s a dance experience available for any gender, race, religious belief or skill level for ages 3 years through adult in a non-competitive environment.


Kindermusik, logo

KINDERMUSIC with Ms. Tiffany

Our music and movement classes provide research-based activities that stimulate your child's growing mind and body. The music classes for toddlers and preschoolers, we sing, dance, giggle, hop, travel on imaginative adventures, cuddle, play instruments, share ideas, read stories, celebrate the uniqueness of each child, and more! I get to lead the class through music and movement activities with proven developmental benefits that include boosting early literacy and language abilities, social-emotional skills, cognitive development, and give children many opportunities to practice fine- and gross-motor skills in a fun, loving community of families. Plus, throughout my Kindermusik classes, parents and children enjoy those special one-on-one moments bonding together.